Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Finis Me (Flash Me, Baby)

And just like that it was over. The exercises finished, the feeds swallowed and digested, the sites seen. No longer will white noise or a cacaphonous din be characterized as "blah blah blah. Now that din of confusion will be "blog blog blog"
Yes, there are a feast of features out there available to the web explorer and some of them can and will make our lives easier. Easier? No, I'm not sure I believe that. They will give us something but they will take away at the same time just as every major leap in technology has done. Libraries will change and itis hoped that those who work in them will change as well becoming more attuned to the people they meet, adapt to the wide range of needs, not just today's "amazing" idea. At least a man can hope.............


Muy intereante. Enjoyed Mike Hart's little self server in which he just happens to intimate the parallells between American philanthropic giants and himself. Not sure I'm quite ready for the theory the Net and/or E-Books will goose reading scores through the roof. Am quite prepared to accept that both will up the need for constant stimulation. A good thing? Quien sabes. Looked up something on our own Ebooks site and was gratified to see that we had All the Kings Men...........sorta. We have 72 pages of Cliffnotes. Perfect. My techno journey (for now) if over.

The Pod People

Okay, been there and done that. Went to a charming little site that comments on Dylan's Theme Tim radio broadcasts. Chose the one about Jimmy Dean (the rebel, not the sausage king) RSS copied to bloglines and thought about what library podcasts I would find interesting. I think we all know the answer to that one. Can these be effective tools for communication? Like everything else it's not the gun it's the one holding the gun if you get my drift. One more exercise to go and then the overview. I can smell the barn...........

Monday, March 26, 2007

Tube Indeed

Okay here's the first Youtube post

I chose it because my son is the catcher watching the display of histronics. It was his first professional game. Here's number two. Some say it was one of the most exciting moments in the history of the Oscars.

Joe Cataloger

Did my library thang. Seven books, five tags and a comment. Onward to glory................Twenty is next

Back and Forth

Apparently I neglected exercise six so I went back looked at the trading cards site and contemplated a world where librarians had trading cards of themselves. Would one still get the powdered gum or would instead something like cough drops or airborne be substituted. For some reason the first thing I thought of when I saw the phrase Librarian Trading cards was the experience of Casey Stengel when he was a multi-tasking minor league player, manager, and general manager. Seeing his team go nowhere Casey the manager released Casey the player, Casey the general manager fired Casey the managere and then Casey the general manager resigned. Why did I think of this? Must have been my growing weary of passwords and waiting for the approval from the Zorro or whatever it's called. Yes, I'll try it. Consider this my commentary on it................Now 6 and 19 are done. Basta!

Wikki Favorites

Somebody said Lord of the Rings is a good book. True? Yes exercise 18 is done and we're rolling down the track. For the record I did put 3 favorite books but like most folks I could have listed 300.